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The world’s leading platforms rely on Good On You’s comprehensive ratings and scalable tech to power conscious shopping experiences that consumers trust.
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Instantly launch and scale engaging shopping experiences

Quickly create conscious edits, product filters, and custom experiences that convert. It’s easy to source and promote rigorously rated brands, then automate it all using our API.
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Empower consumers with confidence and simplicity

Millions of consumers already trust Good On You’s independent and industry-leading ratings—making complex sustainability information simple and accessible.
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See how your portfolio performs and drive improvements

Get a 360-degree view of how thousands of brands perform and dive into rich sustainability data for your entire portfolio. Offer user-friendly tools that help all brands do better and track improvements.
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Rating services
Good Measures

The full-stack sustainability solution

Ratings dashboard
Search through thousands of ratings to identify more sustainable brands. Analyse and track your full portfolio, drilling down to the data you need. Then, filter and export easily.
Ratings API
Access ratings, values, and more rich data that consumers care about, all through a turn-key API—used by the world’s leading e-commerce platforms to power engaging shopping experiences.
Good Measures
Give brands a hand along their sustainability journey. Good Measures is the only sustainability hub that offers detailed insights into each brand’s performance and tailored guidance on how to improve.
Rating services
Rate your entire brand portfolio with ease. Good On You’s expert analysts and proprietary ratings tech will efficiently and comprehensively analyse brands based on up to 1,000 data points across 100 key issues.
Affiliate Network
Increase revenue and support highly rated brands with the world’s first and largest affiliate network focused on conscious apparel, footwear, jewellery, accessories, and more. Unlock special promotions to engage consumers and drive conversions.

Fashion’s leading sustainability rating system

Good On You’s ratings are the most trusted in fashion, reflecting the issues consumers care about and the latest industry consensus on best practice for brand sustainability.
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Comprehensive ratings considering the entire supply chain
Good On You rates thousands of brands on the most credible publicly available information, with each assessed on up to 1,000 data points across 100 critical issues.
Combining the best data sources into simple 5-point scores
Ratings are based on the key principles of transparency and materiality—bringing together all the leading certifications, standards, and public sustainability information.
Guided by sustainability experts, driven by tech
Good On You's analysts use their industry-leading expertise and proprietary rating technology to efficiently assess fashion brands' impacts across the entire supply chain.
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Help your portfolio of brands improve with Good Measures

Good Measures is the new sustainability hub that helps brands understand their Good On You rating and get tailored guidance on how to improve their sustainability performance. E-commerce platforms can offer Good Measures to their portfolio of brands. You’ll benefit from building stronger partner relationships, improving the sustainability of your portfolio, and accessing the most up-to-date data.

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