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Join the platforms, publishers, brands, and millions of consumers who rely on fashion’s #1 brand ratings to make and promote more conscious choices.
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Powering sustainability solutions at innovative companies
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For e-commerce Platforms

The full-stack sustainability solution for e-commerce

  • Instantly launch and scale engaging shopping experiences like conscious edits and filters.
  • Empower consumers with fashion’s most trusted and comprehensive ratings.
  • Get a 360-degree view of how your portfolio of brands performs and drive improvements.
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“Not only are they one of the most trusted global resources for consumers who want to make more sustainable purchases, Good On You’s platforms are also consistently in our top five sources of webstore traffic and referral-based conversions.”

— James Bartle, Outland Denim
For fashion brands

Boost visibility with conscious consumers

  • Build trust with consumers by using your Good On You rating to communicate progress.
  • Get guidance on how to improve with Good Measures, the new sustainability hub for brands.
  • As your rating improves, increase visibility through Good On You’s large partner network.
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For publishers

The #1 affiliate network for promoting more sustainable brands

  • Immediately access more than 150 top rated brands and thousands of products.
  • Promote exclusive offers and incentives to engage and convert your audience.
  • Build audience trust by leveraging Good On You’s credible reputation.
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"Users have clearly voiced they really value the Ethical Shopping experience. And Good On You has helped us at every step with a collaborative, growth mindset."

— Anuj Jain, Lead Product Manager for Shopping at Microsoft

Fashion’s leading sustainability rating system

Good On You’s ratings are the most trusted in fashion, reflecting the issues consumers care about and the latest industry consensus on best practice for brand sustainability.
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Comprehensive ratings considering the entire supply chain
Good On You rates thousands of brands on the most credible publicly available information, with each assessed on up to 1,000 data points across 100 critical issues.
Combining the best data sources into simple 5-point scores
Ratings are based on the key principles of transparency and materiality—bringing together all the leading certifications, standards, and public sustainability information.
Guided by sustainability experts, driven by tech
Good On You's analysts use their industry-leading expertise and proprietary rating technology to efficiently assess fashion brands' impacts across the entire supply chain.
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Emma Watson relies on Good On You to inform her advocacy

“Good On You is my benchmark for sustainable fashion. This means that when I’m given a platform to speak about my choice of outfit, I will have a meaningful story to tell. And it’s powerful.”

— Emma Watson, Good On You Supporter

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