How FARFETCH Grew ‘Conscious’ Sales 1.8x Faster With Good On You

FARFETCH relies on Good On You’s independent ratings and e-commerce solutions to help power its Conscious edit—delivering commercial wins while raising the bar on brand performance.

Key insights

93% rise

in searches for Conscious terms on FARFETCH

1.8x faster

sales growth of Conscious products compared to the FARFETCH marketplace average

60% growth

in consumers buying Conscious products year-on-year

“We want to be a platform for good. That includes empowering consumers to make better choices. Good On You helps us do that in a really trustworthy, methodical, and scalable way.”

—Tom Berry, Global Director of Sustainable Business at FARFETCH

Luxury fashion’s leading global platform

Founded in 2007 by José Neves, and launched in 2008, FARFETCH began as an e-commerce marketplace for luxury boutiques around the world. Today the FARFETCH Marketplace connects consumers in more than 190 countries and territories, with items from more than 50 countries, and over 1,400 of the world’s best brands, boutiques, and department stores.

With an ambitious sustainability strategy, FARFETCH has partnered with Good On You for more than four years—building on Good On You’s trusted sustainability data and enterprise solutions to deliver on its goals at scale. Here’s how FARFETCH reaches a growing number of engaged consumers while helping brands do better.

Goal: 100% Conscious products by 2030

Enable positive change

FARFETCH sees huge opportunities to move the fashion industry forward. “As a platform, we want to be enablers for change,” says Tom Berry, who leads Positively FARFETCH, an ambitious, multi-pronged sustainability strategy. “We want to empower the creators, curators, and consumers of fashion to think, act, and choose positively.” Among the big goals, one has the potential to transform the luxury fashion, full stop. By 2030, FARFETCH aims to sell 100% Conscious products.

Empower consumer choice

There’s a mainstream and growing demand for more sustainable fashion. “Consumers increasingly care about sustainability,” Tom observes. In 2021, searches for Conscious products on FARFETCH increased by 93% year-over-year. One key challenge: “Consumers clearly want to make better choices, but it’s often not clear to them where to start.”

“The challenge with sustainability is about achieving both successful business results and delivering better environmental and social outcomes. Too much of a focus on only the first and you end up in the greenwashing bucket. So it’s really important to maintain that dual focus.”

The trusted rating system that scales

Scalable solution for rating brands

“The primary benefit of partnering with Good On You, especially at the start, is scalability,” Tom shares. With proprietary ratings tech and a team of analysts, Good On You efficiently rates hundreds of brands for FARFETCH every year, requiring little to no legwork from the team. And the powerful dashboard gives Tom and his team a 360-degree view of every brand on their platform. “No other solution in the industry is as scalable as that. They’re just not.”

Comprehensive sustainability data

Materials and certifications based criteria, which FARFETCH and many e-commerce platforms use as a way of evaluating products, are “limited in terms of what they cover from a sustainability perspective,” Tom says. “Good On You’s ratings go beyond materials to cover the broader gamut, taking a more holistic approach to the supply chain.” Of course, Good On You’s rating system covers the most credible standards and certifications, but it goes significantly deeper—looking at up to 1000 data points across 100 key environmental and social issues.

Credible, independent methodology

The credibility and independence of Good On You’s methodology gives FARFETCH a trusted framework to communicate with consumers and industry partners—helping navigate the greenwashing minefield. And since brand ratings are based entirely on publicly available data, it gives brands a clear pathway to improve while incentivising transparency. “The fashion industry is crying out for some consistency on sustainability,” Tom notes. “What Good On You has built provides that in a way that works for both consumers and brands.”

Real progress and growth across the board

Increased sales and consumer loyalty

“We’ve seen really good results from a brand loyalty point of view,” Tom says. Any way you slice it, the data suggests there is growing demand for Conscious products with more consumers looking to make better choices, as FARFETCH confirms in its most recent Conscious Luxury Trends Report:

  • In 2021, sales of Conscious products grew 1.8 times faster than the FARFETCH marketplace average.
  • The conversion rate for conscious customers is 9% higher than that of general FARFETCH customers.
  • The number of FARFETCH customers who purchased a product from the Conscious Collection in 2021 increased 60% year-over-year.

More brands taking meaningful action

Commercial results tell only part of the story. Equally powerful is how FARFETCH’s engagement with its brand partners is part of what’s helping them take meaningful action to improve their impacts. In 2021, more than 50 brands made meaningful progress in their Good On You rating, with the most gains in the “People” and “Planet” scores. Most recently, FARFETCH partnered with Good On You to take another big leap—launching Good Measures, the sustainability hub designed to help brands do better. As Vogue Business reports, the new tool “will help luxury brands improve their sustainability.” And by helping brands do better, Good Measures is helping FARFETCH get closer to achieving its 2030 goal.

“Jump in and leverage the benefits”

What’s Tom’s advice to other e-commerce players? “Jump in and leverage the benefits,” he says. “That doesn’t mean you have to partner in the same way we have. There are lots of different ways in which brands and retailers can engage with Good On You. And the more people in the industry who use the framework, the better.”

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